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Originally Posted by corbaer View Post
Development and administration concerns will always take a front-seat to player happiness and comfort during development. After development - servers will be much more concerned with pleasing the masses with their daily (and often fickle) needs. Some sadly will be too appeasing I fear.

EDIT: To clarify, reaching a stable, efficient pre-cu server software is the primary goal and is all about pleasing the community. Many just do get teary-eyed when the people who know how to accomplish that goal need to do something that the community doesn't "enjoy".
When you cannot test the game how can you get an efficient pre-cu server? the answer is easy you cant. What people are addressing is the fact that this will not deliver an efficient pre-cu server but an inefficient server. Would it please the community to stop the rubber banding? Yes, will it enable people to test quests, zones, areas, encounters, features? Yes it would. So why are you so set against it? Id rather spend 30 minutes of my time to test out a mission or features then having to spend several hours doing it. I remember back in the day before vehicles and when mounts just came out the only way to get places were mounts. I recall not having a mount and running from nyms to the volcano to a player city and getting nailed by Kimos, then having to start the journey all over again. It wasnt fun and niehter is this rubber banding. I've donated to this game in the past, im sure ill donate in the future once this becomes testable.