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Originally Posted by corbaer View Post
Obviously the devs and admins have decided differently. It's not something that they just turned on and forgot about... it's a necessary part of the the development of the server software - as any live server in operation will need the anti-exploit tools just as much as the server software.

While primary development is focused on a separate branch (OR) and not being actively tested on Nova, now is a great time to work on other aspects of the project, like these tools.

Decisions like this will be made on what's best for development, and the devs have a pretty good handle on what the needs of development call for.
The point I think you're missing is, no one is saying there shouldn't be rubberbanding, or that anti-hack fixes shouldn't be developed. We're saying it doesn't have to happen NOW. Live servers wont be out for a long, long time. And the TC's gonna be wiped in the end ANYWAYS, these fixes simply are not necessary at the present time. All they do is inhibit the communities ability to play and test, which overall slows down the project as bugs are slower to be found.

There simply is just no viable reason to keep the rubberbanding. It's broken, it makes everyone pissed, it inhibits testing, all to prevent a pretty harmless hack used on a server that's going to be wiped. If you can somehow justify this, you should go into politics because you can spin even the most retarded situations