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Originally Posted by Letesh View Post
Well, If it was 63% yes, they state before hand that to wipe would require a 2/3 vote; meaning 66%. So if it was 63% to 36% there would still be no wipe...
It was 66.95% at the time of closing, vs a majority 66% threshold. And that was with a- literally- last second flood of additional "No, but I don't care" votes.

The "conspiracy theories" about vote tampering are idiotic, but also pointless- even if Diebold was running the poll, the results started very high in favor of a clean slate and never dropped below 66%.

I was among the 'yes' votes, but it's pretty clear that members of the Emu Staff were against the wipe. Their votes should weigh quite a bit heavier than ours. It is their ball.

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