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3) Developer Perspective ("Round Table")

I'll be restructuring the QA team and how we operate with more details out to staff by Sunday. I will also be pushing finalized trainer placement fixes for the three major planets, Tatooine, Corellia, and Naboo by next week as well. The Quality Assurance team will be hard at work for the next few weeks with the mass uptrend of patch's being submitted now that trunk is open again.

I will also be ironing out features already in place, the Quality Assurance team will assess Login, and character creation to make sure everything is in place and the system is working 100%, whatever features missing or problems will be streamlined to the developers and fixed ASAP so we can start to really nail down a solid base to SWGEmu
Farmer John:
Working on Item storage and dropping
CSR commands: @whoDroppedThis <target item> (only works on player dropped stuff)
CSR commands: @poofObject <target item> (only works on player dropped stuff)

Items can be dropped in structures now.
Picking up works as well.
You can drop stuff and pickup nested storage (containers)
Backpacks, containers and other wearable containers working

This is part 1, part 2 will follow with these additional features:
Dropping restricted to player structures
Cell permission considered when dropping
Admin rights in structures to pickup
As my return to the emu I bring a few things:

1. New Player Starting Location Selection
Players will be prompted when creating a new character to select your starting location.
This will be the way it works from now on until I can get the tutorial working.

2. In Game CSR Systems
- Bug reporting
- Tickets
- Harassment Reports
- Knowledgebase.

I have added and begun work on all of those and we are working on integrating the in- game bug reporting with our bug tracking site.

3. Added all unknown zone packets.
When I came back some things just weren't working properly, so I took a look at a log and found out that we weren't replying to a few key packets. I have since remedied the situation and things should be more stable.

4. @help now launches your default web browser to our support site. In the future we will be adding more commands to help you out in this regard. (@commands now does what @help used to do.)

5. Closing Statements

As the end of 2008 draws nearer, and another year passes in SWGEmu's history, we must think of what has been accomplished and what is to come. SWGEmu continues to grow with more momentum and promise than ever before.
Over the past three years our amazing community has grown to nearly 60,000 members. Our common love of Pre-CU and our determination to bring it back to life have sustained us all over time, and this is why our BiWeekly updates are so important. We want to make sure you are all well-informed, so you can play a part in this historic event.
As we approach 2009, sometime around Christmas, we'll be sharing with you our intentions for the project in the coming months in an End-Of-Year Wrap-Up. As always, be sure to keep an eye on our Bi-Weekly Updates and other important information in the Forum Announcements.

To those of you still with us, we appreciate your support more than we could ever express. To those of you we haven't seen in a while, we want you back! Please check out the Forums and join us in IRC again! Community was the backbone of Pre-Cu, we all know that. Without you, it just doesn't work.

So a big 'Thank You' from the Developers, Administrators, Moderators, Community Service Reps, Quality Assurance Reps, Profession Reps, Client Developers, and loyal followers of SWGEmu.

Thanks for a great year, and for many more to come.
Regards and have a great day.

--Team SWGEmu
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SWGEmu is a non-profit, open source community project.

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