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Ok guys here what will happen after the wipe:
1-The harvesters are removed so will have to sample the resources with your hands.
2-Due to the harvester's absence the mineral will be in small stock and short supply, so you will not find anyone selling them for 10cpu or like i see now.
3-The speeders drink the resources like water so no one will make it with sweet heart.
4-You wont buy speeders from the bazaar for 20k ever again, the cheapest one with be more than 50k (i prefer to sell resources in raw rather than selling speeders for 50k lol)
5-Well everything connected with the resources will fly in the air and most of us will not be able to make it.
6-Bank dispose disabled so you have to make and alt to stack your stuff, then how many character we need if the bank can carry 100 items and toon can carry 80 only (make your calculation and see it by your self).
7-The dupers, cheaters, exploiters and who ever there names is (damn them they ruining everything) will stop there activities due to the new anti hack system for while till the thing calms and most forget about them, after month or so they will regain there work and we will see a lot of stuff that shouldn't be here in the first place resurface and the auctions goes for those crazy prices again, again and again...................... it will not end till another wipe and another and another.
8-And here we go again, people will show up "WE NEED WIPE!!!!!!" another Vicious circle that wont end!!!!!.
9-The OR will retarded because of the nonsense and the things will stay in same place rather than moving forward.
So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE guys be considering the devs decision, they haven't take it so lightly and without thinking about consequences, they have an idea in there minds i know.
"Be patient obi wan solution to this problem is here some where" Qui Gon Jinn
Sorry for my bad talk and thanks for reading.