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Originally Posted by AlmightyGrain View Post
The people that won't leave are the people who know that there isn't and has never been a game like pre-cu SWG. Anyone who truly admires what this game has the potential to be should realize that this needs to be changed. It is very important that there be few jedi, it is even more important that the existing jedi can't be killed easily. Most people will realize how much more fun it is for everyone to be on the same page again. Like i mentioned before, a bigger raise in the xp rate would be good to let people grind back to their proffessions at less time than before. It would also make up for all the glitched npcs that can't be attacked or despawn right when they are about to die, which accounts for about 1/3 of NPCs. I say total wipe, and please try and make CH work, CH could be the perk that this game needs right now, to end some dependency on groups.
i honestly dont think you realize that this wipe really doesnt benefit the server or the progression of the emulator at all. even with a new jedi system, ppl are going to figure it out and post guides on the forums in a few months time. at the moment we already get double xp. Also, CH will come with or after the OR and not before.