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I don't think there is any compelling reason to do a wipe before OR and I think there are some strong reasons not to. None of the changes proposed will have any significant beneficial effect on game play as it is currently experienced on Nova. Given that the OR is a completely different code base any fixes performed on Nova are in effect wasted effort at this point.

Duping and exploiting occurred throughout the lifetime of SWG and indeed every MMO I have seen, I doubt the SWGemu is in any different. It is a constant battle between developer and exploiter which never ends. If another duping exploit is uncovered post the fix will we get another wipe.

To those that say it is TC and players should expect to lose progress that is only half true.
At present if you want to play SWGemu there is only one server, players have no choice but to play on Nova or not at all. It's not like the old TC in SWG where you chose to play and test and be wiped but had live servers to play on as well.

Now I have only recently rediscovered SWGemu and whilst I knew that come the OR there would be a wipe, that was still a ways off and it was worth my while grinding out some professions and some credits because I would get to reap some reward from the time invested.

I can live with a wipe at OR becuase I get to start over on a shiny new version of the game that will be demonstratably better than what's on Nova presently.

Most players on Nova will derive no discernably benefit from the proposed minor fixes
and the OR development is not enhanced in any way.

Whether another player has 200 million credits of dubious origin or not doesn't effect me greatly when I know it will all vanish at OR.

If the devs want to attract more players to try out SWGemu then it makes more sense to leave the economy where it is, rather than blast it back to the stone age. Not everyone enjoys playing from ground zero. Those that do will get there chance when the OR is complete.

I VOTE NO to the change.