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From a personal standpoint I would like to keep the character I was working on (8 master profs @ 1 month in). However, if the only readily available & fair solution to fix the known issues with the economy, loot, game-play or whatever is a server wipe then so be it.

I could be incorrect but from what I understand in order to wipe items/credits it would require accounts being handled on an individual basis which would be time consuming.

Dropping blue frogs for a bit and keeping the exp multiplier (or even increasing it for like 2-3 weeks) in place like we already have will likely smooth the transition if you guys decide to do it.

It might even result in better guild/group organization, player crafting and actual PvP since I've seen little to none of it on this server.

PS- Those black & yellow frogs pictured somewhere will wreck your day if you decide to touch/lick them.....