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A few hours ago I made Master Ranger, and was well on my way up Rifleman. Did that all legitimately.

However, I did all that with the knowledge that this is a test server for a game that could be wiped at any time...

On The Economy:

The economy in the game right now does seem very off-balance, with multi-million credit purchases seemingly flying left and right at the high level, and that level seemingly being unreachable.

The fixes proposed do seem like they will at least temporarily prevent the kind of artificially altered economy the game currently finds itself with. If nothing else, it will allow us to see that credit/resource/item/etc duping methods still exist, and fix those accordingly for the OR. It may also indicate that further "credit sinks" need to be added to the game, to counter inflation. Impossible to say with the current claimed credit duping.

On Jedi:

The amount of Jedi is really a fundamental problem WITH Star Wars Galaxies Pre-CU, not just the emulator. It's an arguably elite class, with what so far has been a "guideable" unlocking system. Those who achieve Jedi quickly reveal the path information, and then a massive part of the player base begins a Jedi grind, which some dislike.

The end result though is a large number of an arguably elite class, in a game with PVP, and in a game set in an era where that elite class is supposed to be in hiding and all but wiped out. In Pre-CU SWG this irked the player base, and it seems to irk the player base here too.

What will "fix" the Jedi situation that some see as unacceptable? I don't know. It's difficult to imagine an "Unlock" system that will please everyone. I have confidence in the Emu devs, but it will certainly take testing.

Which brings me to my conclusion...

It seems to me vital that the economy and Jedi system of the game be tested to relative stability BEFORE the official release.

Imagine if you will that credit duping abounds one year into the official release. Do you wipe the server then when you can't say "Well, it's a test server..."?

Surely, the poll would not be leaning toward "Yes" if it were posed at that hypothetical time, not when people have invested so much into an experience that they trusted would be preserved.

What if the Jedi system proves ineffective and too large a portion of the player base only plays to achieve it? Again, it's too late to justifiably do much about it once they're there. Those players earned the character on a server meant for general play.

Better to test the Jedi system and economy fixes NOW, before the official release.

So I say yes. Let's wipe TC:Nova and implement those changes.

And since everyone seems to have a little "Well, if you fix this...", here's mine.

If it's not too much time and effort to do so as to delay OR, if the script for creature sizes could be altered to avoid microscopic Banthas and invisible Worts, and released as part of these fixes, I feel that would be a TREMENDOUS benefit to the feel of the game while we wait for OR.

... I'm so tired of seeing tiny tiny Banthas.

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