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Well one issue I found after driving my new AWESOME Swoop was that If you are on LEAVE of one faction then other faction can still attack your Vehicle. So be careful everyone. My bike lasted all of 5min... and yes I cant repair it yet =[.

Oh yes also. Before I was lucky enough to loose my Swoop to my imperial buddies I found a possible second bug with the bikes. When you are driving along nothing around you spawns unless you dismount. I was driving around searching for a creature but nothing was there (it seemed). So I stayed idle waiting for something to spawn (I was still on my swoop) but nothing was there. So I dismounted and 3 nests instantly showed up. So I repeated the process not 400m later, and sure enough they only spawn when you dismount. I did this 4 total times before the imperials took out my bike. So possible bug. Hope I helped.

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