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Phase Testing Tasks for 6/23 through 7/07

Task Rundown
  • Caves
  • Trainer Spawns
  • Resource Spawns
  • Crafted Items

Details and Notes

Caves and Dungeons are one of the main PvE components of the game, and have been part of SWGEmu for a long time. However, recently we've been getting reports of numerous issues in terms of creature spanws in the various dungeons across the galaxy.
Please visit as many of the different cave/dungeon/base areas as possible and note any issues which arise. This is best done in groups.

Trainer Spawns:
Trainers continue to allude the QA and Developer teams, with a seemingly endless number of trainers spawning on top of each other!
Please, on your travels are the galaxy, take a note of any trainers in strange, incorrect or plain ludicrous positions. Merchant and Artisan trainers often spawn as Siamese twins - note this is not an intended feature. Please report the exact coordinates of each incorrect trainer. The best way to do this is to stand where they are standing exactly, and use the @getLocation command. Copy the result of the command into your bug report.

Resource Spawns:
Resources were fixed on the Test Centre as of 6/23 (thanks Kyle!) so they should now spawn correctly. However, with anything, this requires testing to ensure stability and effectiveness.
Please survey, sample, and harvest as usual for a range of resources in various locations. Resources can normally be resold for a nice profit!

Crafted Items:
Anything that can be crafted needs to be crafted in an effort to re-evaluate where crafting's at right now. The Object Restructure and other major milestones have lead crafting to the proverbial end of the queue, so we need to give it a kick in the pants!
Please craft anything that you feel like and are able to, and report any discrepencies in detail. Please remember that a low quality craft doesn't always mean a bug! Sometimes bad resources and experimentation failure will produce an items with strangely low statistics.

Closing Notes

Almost three weeks into the Object Restructure, and there are a bundle of cool tid bits going on back stage which we'll talk about more when they're closer to a real finished product.

For any questions with regard to bug reports, testing help or anything of the kind, feel free to contact anyone in our Quality Assurance Department. They're often on IRC or the Test Centre during normal (and often not so normal) hours.

Remember there's still an abundance of fun to be had online over the next few weeks. The SWGEmu Summer Kick off Week is in full swing - and we're celebrating the greatest summer of SWGEmu yet with a week packed with events at different times and dates to appeal to everyone from the Briton to the Californian. For more info keep an eye on our Events forum.

If you're interested in forum moderation, or just into the general community here at SWGEmu, remember to consider applying to be a moderator. For more information; click here.

Have fun out there - keep it clean, safe and real.
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