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I logged in yesterday and had a guy on a macro and it said -1793 or something like that. I find that if I log for a minute or so, it rests my toon and he can sample again.

Best tester for sampling is Master Artisan/Master Doc/Scout (thats what you get when you ask for them in that order)

We have a macro that will place a camp, buff Action and Stamina and then sample for 2h 35min and stand, place a camp, rebuff action and stamina and go back to sampling. I have had several toons sampling for over 20 hours before. If something goes wrong, I look back through the log to see when it happened for reference.

We have 4 laptops, 3 Desktops and two ISPs for testing. I am retired and my 3 kids (17 to 21) who are in college were testers with me in SWG, from Pre CU through part of NGE. They give me a hand between studies and summer vacation.

oh on the issue of harvesting multiple times. We found if you find an area that seems to be a grid line in the map and lead the animal there, you can harvest many times, like as many as 9 times, especially if there is lag going on. With Master Ranger on 3 toons it becomes a massive exploit. Finding that grid line can take 3 players hours to find but once you find it, you can really rack up. We have not reported it yet because we are working on repeating it on other planets.

On the no quality on resources with stats, we found that we can sample resources that have stats. If we craft with them, it lets us experiment, but if we log out for an extended period of time, the new resources still have the stats but they loose all quality recognition. We are wondering if the crappy no stat resources in our inventories were effecting them. So we sampled new, separated the new resources into a backpack. Logged out and logged back in latter and poof (LOL) the items missing bug kicked in and the Jawa issued backpack was gone along with our new resources.

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