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Bi-Weekly Update for 09/13/09 - End Of Summer Special

Bi-Weekly Update for 09/13/09
End of Summer Special!
1) Update Overview (TOC):
  • Preface - What's so Special About the End of Summer?
  • A Froggy Affair
  • Schematics for Success
  • Seeking Employment!
  • Are you going to eat that?
  • You're going to have to speak up
  • Excuse me, I seem to be a bit lost...
  • I Feel it too...
  • Epilogue - After these changes....
  • QA Team Additions
  • Community Team Reorganization
  • Bug Fixes
  • Quick Stats

2) Body:

Preface - What's so Special About the End of Summer?
From the Development Team

For a few months now, rumors have been surfacing on these forums and various community websites about a significant patch coming to TC:Nova in the near future. Now we unveil some significant improvements to TC:Nova, enhancing the playability of the game. The reasoning behind this: to provide our steadfast community with a playable server while we orchestrate the Object Restructure. Changes will be taking place throughout the week.

As it has been mentioned before, the Object Restructure will not make it to the public test center until it is significantly finished. This update is in no way connected to the Object Restructure and is solely a present from us to you, the community. We hope you will find enjoyment in the hard work we have poured into completing a significant portion of the gameplay.

You will find a selection of our favorite changes from this patch outlined here in this Bi-weekly. We hope you enjoy them all.


A Froggy Affair

One thing which will surely be noticed by all is the fact that blue frogs have been completely removed from the Test Centre. Everything you should need to function in the galaxy will now be crafted by other players, or if brave enough, looted from mobs using the new and improved loot table featuring: lootable crafting components, magseal and other containers spawning loot, a more realistic credit payout from corpses, skill tapes / attachments being lootable and usable, a revision of every creature's loot items and drop rates to be more like Pre-CU and humanoids being the only creatures which drop credits.

Magseal and other containers will now spawn and contain loot in many of the caves and dungeons around the galaxy. They are extremely important for any aspiring smuggler, and you never know what treasures they may behold to be sold, consumed or used!


Schematics for success

Crafting has undergone a massive growth over the summer. In short, all current schematics now actually work. A gargantuan collection of schematics has also been added. At last count, these included: All entertainer, scout, weaponsmith, armorsmith, tailor, entertainer, smuggler, chef, doctor, medic, and combat medic schematics. All fully in, all working, and all waiting to be made. A few early Droid Engineer schematics have also been added.

Also worth noting is that the requirement for identical components, which was causing problems in many advanced schematics, has been temporarily removed until factory crates are implemented.


Seeking Employment!

Everyone needs a job, and Ramsey, Thoop, Dannuic and Kyle were more than willing to oblige. Mission terminals all across the galaxy now offer PvE missions with correct Pre-CU payouts, working as intended. Even more exciting, though, is the addition of complete, correct, and fully functional Bounty Hunter missions of both the PvE and Player variety. This addition sees the Bounty Hunter profession working effectively as intended as per Patch 14.1.

The spawns for mission lairs is now functional also, and it works in a random pattern, spawning different levels of animal and baby. Watch those kimogila lairs!

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