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Originally Posted by Muaddib67 View Post
Hopefully, most of us have learned that getting upset or going ballistic don't serve any purpose. We do what we can to help, and if we can't help, at least we don't stand in the way of those who can.

I'm helping SWGEMU by logging in as much as I can and enjoying what I see. If the server happens to be down, I get on IRC and chat with my fellow players untill it comes back up, or I have to get some sleep. I've said several times in irc that I'd rather chat about tc3 while it's down, than play the NGE destroyed stuff that's online right now.
That's your opionion,and mine is i like both. There is some good that has come out of NGE that moved along greatly. I come on Swgemu to help out too and relive the past but there is something in pre-cu i do not miss.