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Originally Posted by Ramsey View Post
Inventory Stress
An object and saving overhaul are on the way which will eventually wipe out all of the nasty bugs involving inventory. However, we are still interested in fixing the current Inventory system. If you notice any issues/bugs with your Inventory, please try to reproduce the bug and file a report on Mantis. This would help a lot! Thanks


This thread is subject to further updates throughout the week. cRush is currently busy with school / work, housing & structure changes will rollout when he sees fit. He was nearing completion last week so it is possible that this week may bear some of his structure updates.
Thanks for the update. I've already reported enough comments on Mantis regarding the nasty inventory bugs. Unable to test with my main character since her inventory is nearly completely full with "phantom" items. Sad to hear about housing & structure changes being delayed seeing as I recall it was slated "early" this week per "Bi-Weekly Update for 04/17/2009". Regardless, I know we'll all continue to look forward to the upcoming changes.