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Originally Posted by Arnold47525 View Post
I don't own duped items/credits either and can't effort some things I'd like to get, good armor, better weapon, Mineral Mining Installations, medium Tatooine house... Do you hear me moan about?

With all half done the economy would just move up again to the screwed state we already have. Much sooner because some credit consuming items would have left out.
BTW, I did play on the NGE lately, they have a fully set up economy with all the things we don't have by now which take the credits out of the system. If you think the prices here on the TC are insane, visit FarStar and see what some poeople charge for a noob CDEF Pistol.

Had put up 10 Swoops (2402HP) yesterday and just catched one buying all in a row and resold it for 14,5k. Should say it all. It isn't the economy that is broken, it's the poor attitude of some griefers that is screwing the economy.
Wipe or no wipe, that wouldn't change a thing unless you'll be able to wipe that poor attitude.

I can't affored one either, oh wait..
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