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Originally Posted by Arnold47525 View Post
Had put up 10 Swoops (2402HP) yesterday and just catched one buying all in a row and resold it for 14,5k. Should say it all. It isn't the economy that is broken, it's the poor attitude of some griefers that is screwing the economy.
Wipe or no wipe, that wouldn't change a thing unless you'll be able to wipe that poor attitude.
Greed is prevalent.. saw a lot of that for the brief time I played WOW.. even had nasty mails and other comments made to me because I was hurting others profit margins....didn't matter that their prices were so high people couldn't afford without buying credits..

Originally Posted by Lamune View Post
That'd be kind of funny, considering a group of people who did enough damage to **** an entire server to the point of this kind of outrage are still here.
I'm allowed to still hope.

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