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Originally Posted by Rincon View Post
You guys need someone with some experience in running online communities to get involved. Since you've rocked the boat with that little wipe tease, than prematurely pulled out, are you going to do anything else to attempt to stabilize the economy and re-introduce item balance? I mean, with things the far outside of the box going on, at a minimum you are missing out on a lot of testing feedback because some parts of the game do not get touched because they are virtually gated by imbalance.

How about:
  • Delete all of the accounts that obviously duped credits, and have toons with 999,999,999 credits
  • Review any logs associated with those toons, and delete paths of massive credit transfer
  • Remove any and all looted weapons that are outside of the possibility of the standard loot table
  • Delete all weapons that are obviously mutli-sliced, due to their damage range being outside of the possibility of the loot table
  • Delete the accounts of people who openly state they are violating the TOS in spatial, tells, and IRC by talking about: Selling items/credits, Exploiting, Sharing accounts, Duping.

I can't believe that you actually went though with posting that poll, included the phrase "We won't pander to the QQ'ers, they ruined SWG in the first place" and yet you go and do exactly that. Seriously. I go back to my initial statement, you guys need to make an attempt to find someone who has experience running an online community. And you need to get them involved, before you implode your own corner of the internet by jerking people around like this.