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By Yhor:
"The staff are obviously out of touch with the community. They wonder why people turn on them, while the staff only does this all for the community, for free...'s because of issues like this."

Not entirely for free. There are (as someone pointed out) a good amount of funds that gets donated to the devs for their work as well as server stability. That aside, the people are "turning" on them as you put it because the devs said "We'll listen to the community majority", and then said "Nevermind" because a bunch of "new accounts" sprung up and started changing the votes to be in the favors of no.

By Budias:
"Still we know the devs are watching and moderating posts so why don't they have the guts to answer why they decided to go against the popular vote?"

I would like to see their reply as to why they chose to lock the polls and go against the votes myself. It was obvious the answer should have been "Wipe the server". However instead they chose to lock the thread, and not wipe, and then not reply to anything. I would like to see this thread locked, and them give us an answer, and then us NOT flame them (no matter what their answer is). But going against the community was a bad move imho.

By Duchess:
"Regardless of the outcome, we need to focus on the real problem, other than our inability to have a civil discussion without attacking each other. Pretty sad. These dupes won't go away with a wipe and I hope that more measures will be implemented to punish dupers. Unless they can come up with some super code that blows dupers up as soon as they dupe, we are going to have to rely on people reporting dupers and hoping they get punished."

I have to agree 1,000% here. If a duper is found, they need to be reported, and then imho, they need to be perma-banned if they're just duping to dupe and not help the community.

You find out how to dupe, you report how you did it, destroy the dupes, move on. Selling duped stuff ruins lots of things, and duping is an OBVIOUS BUG. Everyone knows it, but no one is for some reason reporting how it's done.


Wrapping up, for the first time in years I'm actually shocked by how immature a LOT of the community has been for this. This wasn't a life or death changing event. It was an -option- for a reset which would help them with MINOR FIXES. Yes, it was a minor fix that was being addressed, but give me the minor fix! Give 66% (which is what we had community-wise) of the community the fix they wanted.
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