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Originally Posted by jksdustin View Post
3. Are you planning on doing anything for the people who deleted their characters already to help you with the wipe? (I myself am not one, but I believe I saw some posts from people talking about already doing it because "someone" had told them about the wipe before hand, and considering the fact the majority was for wipe there could be a decent number.)

LOL! Like the crushing weight of an extra line in the database was lifted by their deleting their character early...

They are ****tards who don't deserve help or sympathy, or more likely liars who are hoping to repeat an old exploit from just about every MMO made where the GMs would do restorations- by getting the mods to restore an old database image of items they don't own... just borrowed from a friend long enough to show up in the records. Or they're just ****tards. But I repeat myself.

This same stunt was pulled claiming "mah account was hax'd and someone stole all my monies" a number of times, too...