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Quick question on something that was a bit confusing to me. Maybe I misread something but in the 6/14 update, it said:

What happens when it is finished?
When the Object Restructure has been finished, it will be rolled out to TC:Nova for deep testing. During this time, we will see the rapid development of all non-existing features which will make up SWGEmu 1.0. At the conclusion of this testing phase, we will open SunCrusher Beta, and begin our Beta phase testing prior to the release of SWGEmu 1.0.
So with that being said, does that mean that after the OR (and assuming the CH and Harvestor code go in without too much of a problem) is finished that SWGEMU is finished theoretically finished coding in stuff and they will move into beta? By that I mean, when OR is finished, all features (save Jedi and JTL) will be coded in and need only be tested and retested and retested (etc) to move onto Suncrusher 1.0?

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If you couldn't kill a fully templated jedi then you're a noob. Sorry but 1337 players could drop a jedi no problem, melee or ranged.
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