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Originally Posted by Bloodfin182 View Post
Yeah not meaning any offense to anyone, but I think this "problem" (if thats even really what it is) is a direct result of the such strict attitude that was always kind of surrounding the forums. Its definitely much much better now, but on the old forums anyway, you could hardly say/ask anything without fear of flaming or a ban. I think that makes everything intimidating, especially for new members, and almost discourages questions/ideas/etc.

That said, I dont like it more then anybody else when a noob comes in and asks the most stupid questions, when they obivously havent read anything at all.

No one likes questions that have been answered a million times over, but taking the time to answer the question goes a long way toward building friendliness in the community. Basic rule of thumb is that if you don't have anything nice to say and are not willing to help, keep your opinion to yourself.