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I have put my time into this and I hope you guys read my responses to your questions. I am trying to spur discussion about how we can improve. Please read!

I read the forums everyday. I don't, however, usually make any posts, because 90% of what I read on the forums are people getting trashed for asking a question.
What do you think the SWGEmu staff can do to better deal with new people or a flow of like 100 questions a day?

One thing I would love to see here as and when applicable, is for the folks who will be running the servers, set up their own threads and/or independent pages/sites, for their specific server. Then we can get a feel for what direction each of them wants to take in principal, then apply ourselves to whichever one or many that we will consider playing on. Instead of what seems so far to be a very jumbled set of ideas and conflict of those ideas
Well the reason we have disabled a forum for this purpose is to hold people back from creating more communties for servers that do not exist yet. Its way to early for a server admin to start a community with no software. A couple weeks before core3 1.0 we'll do something like this and help server admins get started.

One thing that I thought would be fun and informative would be a guided chat like what they used to have at Stratics at the beginning of swg. where moderated questions by smusatto or one of the other admins would be posed to the devs. as long as it is controlled, it could be great. anything you don't want to answer can be ignored, etc.
So mabye having bi-monthly Q/A Sessions? sounds like a good idea.

its not that a new guy comes and just ask any question that makes sense and would need answering. Its the people that are to lazy to just search around the forums abit an overall use there brains. I'm proud to say i have never needed to post a question on here because most or all questions are answered as simple as possible.
I know. That is the reality the staff lives with everyday. Dealing with people that dont search around before posting. However there is nothing we can do, and I guess the best course of action would be to just help people out. No point in fighting human stupidity.


2) Do at least a weekly update on the main page, even if it is just for an itty bitty tidbit of progress or no progress at all, just to let the people who dont have time to get on IRC or check the forums, or perhaps are less proficient in navigating IRC or forums, know what is going on without making them read between the lines for updates or go digging.
This ties into the bi-monthly Q/A sessions. I think its doable, we just have to remember to do it .


4) Find legal ways of getting the word out such as advertising in any means necessary...even if that means putting up fliers in the window of your local Wal Mart. Considering there were over 300,000 SWG players in Pre-CU, someone is bound to see it. This may seem impractical, so why not find legal ways to advertise in gaming magazines or on gaming sites (if at all possible) using donated money? Im sure there are plenty of ways to get the word out that we arnt doing, because I tell probably 1 or 2 Pre-CU players a month about the emu and theyd never even heard of it.
Do you, or anyone else reading this thread, have any experience with advertising small projects like this? I'd love to hear about way's we can premote this project outside of existing members telling their friends.

Is it a big help to be on IRC as well? I am not one who begs for results because I can't imagine the work that goes into this I figure you guys are doing all you can. But If every extra person on IRC helps, i'll be glad to hop on it.
Indirectly, yes. Getting on IRC premotes community by simply forging bonds between community members. Its a live forum. If a group of people are talking in #swgemu, they learn more about each other. Then the next time a particular person replys to a thread on the forum, another person will go "Hey I talked to him/her on IRC the other day, I know how he/she is!".


No one likes questions that have been answered a million times over, but taking the time to answer the question goes a long way toward building friendliness in the community. Basic rule of thumb is that if you don't have anything nice to say and are not willing to help, keep your opinion to yourself.
Agreed. Thats why Ive taken my time and Im trying to make this work.
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