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There is no point in advertising for the Emu until it's actually released. Why draw lots of people to this site? Most will just get bored and leave because there is no game yet. The community will have no trouble growing once pre-cu returns.

IRC sucks imo for getting information. Unless you can sit there all day staring at the chat, you're not going to find anything when you come home and look at the 100,000 lines of random text that was received while you where at work/school.

Anyway, I'd like to see WEEKLY (minimum) progress updates from the Devs. On the FORUMS/main page, not IRC. Just type a paragraph about what the team is working on, what's been finished recently, what's almost done, what's next, etc.

You're hypocrites for criticizing the community's communication. Regular updates on what you're doing would keep up community interest. I personally don't participate on these forums much, because the Devs only occasionally tell us what they're working on, and all there is for threads are Jedi system ideas and other stuff that's been beaten to death.

Perhaps you could start threads based on what you're working on or will be working on soon and ask for community input on those systems.

Most of the community probably doesn't care much how you guys do it. We just want pre-cu back the way it was, with less bugs and lag. Extra features are only a bonus.