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Originally Posted by EVILJUDE View Post
no need to apologize for ignorance on that subject. there was a servers list, but it was taken down since core3 is only on the swgemu TC and any other site/server is running the unstable modded core 1. a list of some of the servers/sites out there are at
Cool thank you for the link, have registered back with Chimeara.

Am unsure whether am standing with my original stance or not. The impression from what reading I have done, is that the aim is to get the game live, with content as it was 12.1, and that any other content, would be added and or taken away by the host of each server. Hence my thought of shouldn't all ideas be relevant to a specific server, not to Beta, if Beta, scripting, code etc (like I know what those words mean lol), is purely directed at getting ready for launch with 12.1 as was.

Again please excuse ignorance if I am of the mark here.