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Originally Posted by Lobreeze View Post
So, if deadlocks can't happen with the OR code, why on earth would you equate server status not updating to a deadlock
Not server status, that "thing"

that shows server status. And deadlock is one of the things that causes it to show incorrect server status. Server status and what causes server status changes is one thing, thing that shows server status is a completely different thing.

Originally Posted by Lobreeze View Post
And since when did examples stop having to makes sense? Isn't that the whole point? To make sense?
Because it was not directly related to the OR code or server status but to the "thing" that shows server status. For one it doesn't make sense and doesn't need to make sense because i wasn't talking about them, for other it makes perfect sense because it explains that the "thing" showing the server status can in some cases show incorrect server status, one of them being a deadlock.

Originally Posted by Lobreeze View Post
That will only going to cause confusion especially coming from someone with the title "SWGemu support helper"
No, not really. It simple shows that if you want correct server status you need to go to IRC #status channel and that LPE, those "things" even www. can sometimes be wrong.

Simple enough for you? I can dumb it down more if necessary.
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