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Originally Posted by Tovo View Post
Even if it appears that SOE intented to take it out I believe it should be implemented.
You make it sound as if it's not clear whether SOE intended to remove it or not. They explicitly state in the patch notes that they fully intended to remove it after two weeks.

They didn't. The speculation as to why could go on endless debate because SOE never disclosed any reasoning for leaving the feature in. One could assume any of an endless array of possibilities, but none can be confirmed.

Originally Posted by Tovo View Post
These are all small things that added to the original experience, changing it is changing pre-cu which is not what the goal is supposed to be. The same goes for the 0 wait theed shuttle, was it a bug ? yes, should it be in pre-cu ? yes. These all added to the experience, changing them means its not so much vanilla 1.0 as chocolate 1.0.
Of course we will continue to strive towards leaving these sort of options up to individual server administrators to determine through something as easy as a master configuration file.

If anyone truly expects to find an exact Pre-CU replica, then I'm afraid you will be sorely disappointed. We are doing all we can, but you must realize that what we are working to accomplish has never been done before.

Pre-CU is an extinct species of MMO. We are attempting to ressurect a dinosaur, and we don't even have a full DNA strand...