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They dont need an armour recolour kit either, all they need to do is modify the code that already exists to check if you have unlocked a certain skill box within armour smith then show the additional option in the radial menu. Simple theory and im sure the code could be knocked together quite quickly.

Yes, they could go the whole hog and add new items and all sorts, but really, all its doing is restricting the same existing ability to armour smith.

Again, im gonna reiterate how mind boggling it is that people are getting their panties in a twist over these trivial issues. As has been stated many times before, the end result here WONT be vanilla pre-cu, it is impossible to get the same balance of bugs as existed, new issues will appear, old ones will be resolved, yes they have a little more control over this one but in essence you guys are never gonna be happy either way.

I don't mind this change, when i left this ability didnt exist anyway so i find it rather hard to become attached to what seems to me to be a very specialised ability being given out to everyone. Might aswell go the whole hog and give everyone a selection of abilities from every class...