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I have been following this project for years. Within a few months of its start. Every once in a while I look it up and see how it is going, maybe log-in and donate a little money.
I was VERY worried about the project this last time I noticed there were almost no recent updates. I thought the project had died and the server was just left up and running. Happy to see that is no the case. Although it may seem like a waste of time, updating the community is very important.

The game is very playable at this point. Beyond the initial release by SOE.
I think it is in desperate need of some player towns to get back the SWEG feel. I think I will be on the serer somewhat regularly at this point.

I set up a $5 recurring monthly donation through paypal. I think anyone interested in this project should do likewise(recurring donation). It allows for easier budgeting and a sense of financial security for the devs.