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I've been playing on this test server for 6mos or so. I put in several years on the original Flurry server and worked hard towards earning my characters' jedi creds. It was an absolute thrill to play the pre CU version of this game. I found it quite mature compared to any game that had come along till then.
When they went and nerfed the entire game and ruined it, I was just frustrated ,trying to play the CU and then the NGE and quit in disgust. I know there are many like me who have found their way to this server, and many first timers.
I will happily donate my cash to this and any other SWGemu group, but I am having a hard time finding any news of any upcoming additions to the game. The server is a LOT more stable than in the past and the vehicles have been a nice addition, but several months back you wrote that there would be NO Additions and that a REAL server would be up "soon".
Wha Hoppened??