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Good morning everyone,

Around 7am EST on Wednesday 15th September, a database error occured which culminated in the loss of all forum accounts. As a result, we have had to roll back all user accounts to their state on June 4th 2010. No other areas / functions have been disrupted - all posts, threads, PMs etc are as they were when you last saw them.

You will be unable to log in if you registered your account after June 4th 2010. Unfortunately you will need to register a new one. Please note that any posts you have made on your previous account will still exist, they will simply come up as from a guest account under your name.

If you registered BEFORE June 4th 2010 and are still having trouble logging in, it is likely that you have changed your password since then. Try using your password from June if you remember it, or use the “Forgot my password” function. If you are still unable to login using your old email / password, please contact us through the email and we will get you a new password (or do our best to help you out!)

We’re extremely sorry about any harm that has been done. It was unforeseeable, and to combat this in the future, we will be significantly stepping up our server backups to (at least) weekly cycles.

Kind regards, and sincere apologies
Are you telling me my toons and items are gone for good?