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Originally Posted by Zackattack View Post
Hmm i feel like these are forums to troll or **** around. Well they are wrong to make duplicate accounts here.

I suggest if they make another account with the same IP, ban their IP so they wont do that again, unless if they are dumb to get another computer.
That's all very nice, but as stated before some people might have more than one person playing SWG in their household, me being one of them.

Secondly, also stated before, there is no need for a second account, because at the time of writing, there is no limit to the number of characters per account.

Third, if you've read the FAQ and other assorted sources of info on this forum, you're giving the devs a hard time, time that could have been spent on SWGEmu itself.

So, a heartfelt request from a regular user: Please don't create extra accounts. The only thing you would gain is a ban.