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Update 5/13/2009

Update 5/13/2009
TC Revision: 1515

Character Creation & Deletion

Fixed a character deletion issue when name contains an apostrophe
Re-added missing starting items


Fixed public building cell permissions


Fixed DoT attack bug
Fixed flamer special ranges
Dots ignore armor. Fire dot calculation changed


Removed factory crates being created with practice mode
Updated packet for crafting and resource containers
Fixed assorted crafting implementation bugs


Load mission fix from tc
Set max amount of simultaneous missions per player to 2
All mission objectives are evaluated even if a condition in another mission has been satisfied


Object-oriented restructure of skills/commands
Code from objectcontrollermessage.cpp moved to respective class
Code from combatmanager.cpp moved to respective class
Added skeleton classes for all slash commands
Added invalid postures/states for every skill and command
Skills/Commands handle their own error messages for invalid states/postures now


Stage 1 of Structure Revamp - Harvesters/Generators
Stage 1 of Deed Revamp - Harvesters/Generators
Implemented crafting of harvesters/generators - Crafting not yet working as intended. Use the ones from the Gungan Traders.
Disabled Resource Deeds
Solar generators now harvest solar power and have the correct name.
Fixed various bugs with installations
Vehicle Deeds are now working again


Fixed rebel npc secondaries so they should regenerate correctly
Fixed faction point overflow
Fixed faction points bug


Guild info box now shows Members title for total members
Fixed small guild typos here and there
Guild remove command gives error msg when used and not in a guild

Creature Handler

Added baby spawns
Added: Store, Call, Tame, Stay, Follow, Attack, Trick, Transfer, Special Attack, Tellpet, Group, Train Mount, Follow Other, Befriend, Enrage, Embolden, Formations
Added pet naming
Added pet growth
Added pet healing
More information now shows in datapad items
Pets now ignore maskscent, conceal, and camp mods
Added a feature manager for server customization. XP scaling and damage modifiers customizable plus more
Fixed multiple client crashes, server crashes, and deadlocks


Added pet debug logs
Missionmanager error messages are now more detailed

Staff Commands

@spawn can spawn all creatures according to stfName now
Added @growuppet
Added @imperialmessage and @rebelmessage


Fixed clothing repair radial
Added mini-suit
Added broken skill mods
Consumable Heavy Weapons added to DB
Fixed razor knuckles being named wrong so vibro knucklers should appear on the gungan again
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