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New SWGEmu Website Now Online!

Visit the New and Improved SWGEmu Website now at!

This is the first time ever that SWGEmu has had a complete, stylish and fully featured web front end. It includes information which will help people get online and playing faster than ever; no more searching through hundreds of forums and FAQs for a set up guide, simply hit Getting Started, and jump right on board.

The integrated IRC client is also working, under the Community section. Make sure you have Java enabled and click "trust" when prompted to launch the in-page client.

The website also show Test Centre status on the left hand side. Click it for more info.

The most important aspect of the website is undoubtedly the multi-language support built in. As our community expands, we will be adding more languages, with the help of community members who are willing to act as translators. Currently, English and Russian are the two most complete language settings. If you are fluent in another language (mostly european languages), contact _DM_, our web developer, to assist us with translation.

Enjoy the site, and remember to thanks _DM_ and his team at WiseMon's Laboratory for the immense amount of work they have put into it.

--Team SWGEmu
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SWGEmu is a non-profit, open source community project.