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Originally Posted by Colt-556 View Post
Regardless of how long it takes, it's still AFK grinding. And what idea am I even proposing here? Hmm? Since clearly you believe I'm proposing the same idea over and over, what idea is it?
Oh noes, it's AFK grinding that 1/100th of a crafter's entire play history will be spent inadvertently getting surveying xp while trying to desperately get resources to craft anything with.

Rather than waste my time going through countless posts (yes, I know you're going to say "well, clearly you have no argument if you don't, blah blah"), I'll sum it up in a few sentences:
"As long as it helps playersme have a better play experience, we should do anything possible, even if it hurts the economy of the game and other various dimensions of it!" [the rest of the gist of your crusade = x people entitled to this, me entitled to that, etc., etc.]...oh and let's not forget the clear fanboyism that you pretend to not possess by throwing out a bull**** definition.

I'm done here, if you have any others illogical responses, feel free to not post them.