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It's good to read that SWGEmu doesn't recognize a contest to be the first emulator out. That would have the wrong goal in mind.

All the Dev's on the various projects seem to be talented, dedicated individuals who want to bring Pre-CU back to gamers like me and themselves. And also to prove to SOE, and the MMORPG market in general, that retail game companies can't just completely change an online game years into it and expect people to take it.

This emulation project has a large community, an open test center, many contributing members, and a definite end goal in mind: a stable Pre-CU experience. I would further encourage Dev's of other teams to unite here and synchronize their efforts for the entire community.

In my mind, it's not about who wins first, but rather about what's best for the whole Pre-CU community. Thank you to all who are working here with that aim in mind.
...our only hope is that a Pre-CU goes live.