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Originally Posted by Burzum View Post
Great Post. I hope everyone interested in playing pre-cu again will follow your example Kyle.
It has been several years since pre-cu went away and the total number of people remembering and still wanting to play it has probably been reduced quite a bit. We need everyone to work together to make it happen! and on another note i dont get why people want to make a bunch of diffrent servers, when obviously the game would benefit greately from having everyone on one big server. I do realize this doesnt have anything to do with developement of the emu at this time.. but in my ideal world everyone interested in pre-cu would be on this site helping to develop, and when finnished join forces to create the best swg server of all time.
I hope everyone can work together. I know there are some hard feeling from the past.

If SWG ANH is unwilling to join forces then maybe something as a small token to start the process. If there is just a sharing of information at the beginning then maybe it can grow into something stronger. This way code will not be compromised and both EMU servers will be stronger and more accurate. If both teams could start by just sharing information on weapon damage and creature stats and see how things are going. Code can be left out of it if that is what they want.

However it would be nice if everyone could just let bygones be bygones and work together having 20 developers sure would make the process faster and easier.

Great post Kyle and it is nice to see you take the first step in being willing to work togeather

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