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Forum and Organizational Changes
Clarification Points
Communications Department

  • 2.13 Spam, defined as the re-posting of content repeatedly. Spam includes QFE's without explanation, +1's, Bumps, blatantly off topic posts and "In Before Lock"s. 1 point, expires in 2 weeks has been revised to 2.13 Spam, defined as the re-posting of content repeatedly. 1 point, expires in 2 weeks. All infractions given based on the old incarnation of this rule have been reversed.

Points of Clarification:
  • The new account management system comes along with new versions of all our services.
  • The new account management system will allow the separation of infraction points so all our services will have their own, independent tally of demerit points and independent bans.
  • The old forums will be archived so useful posts can be brought into the new forum easily by Staff.
  • Those that currently have multiple accounts at the same location, we don't have it tested yet, but you will eventually be able to continue with approved multiple accounts.
  • "Impersonate another person (including celebrities)" is so people don't hide behind a name or account that is not their own.
  • The policies and rules listed in this announcement are effective immediately to all users registered on this site.
  • Your account name can only be changed when the new site is released. This will likely be with the release of the OR to TC: Nova but we will not hold up the OR release waiting on the site to be finished.

Originally Posted by TAfirehawk
We welcome everybody's comments and feedback, but as the first item in the Announcement says, "concerns" are to be handled through and not on this forum.

The good questions to clarify things will be posted back into the "reserved" posts so it is easier for everybody to see the answers.

Everything we are trying to do is to help development bring back the game that was taken away from us. The choice is yours and yours alone to choose if you want to contribute in a positive manner or wish to be hurtful to the Development Project. Anything from anybody that detracts from the best environment for development, like trolling or any other rule breaking, will not be tolerated because we will not be losing more development time to forum or TC drama again. And YES, anybody includes all Staff, every single person registered on this forum.

The rules are set and apply immediately to this forum and TC: Nova (IRC rules have not been updated yet). Because this is a change in policy for Staff too, there may be some inconsistency for a few days. I ask you to be patient and please bring up any issues in a professional manner and any wrongs will be corrected.

Please follow the rules in all threads and be responsible in reporting possible rule violations. We don't have a staff large enough to patrol every single thread on this forum so we all have to work together to make this a better place for development.
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