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Update 04/06/2009

Update 04/06/2009
TC Rev:1426

  • Added Berserk.

  • Entertainers can now change clothing/armor without messing up the animation or sound.
  • Fixed Cases where an entertainer would appear to be playing an invisible bandfill.
  • Fixed Lyrical and Formal dances should look much smoother now.
  • Fixed Equipping clothing or armor while playing music or listening will no longer break the sound.
  • Fixed You no longer play an invisible instrument at login if you had been disconnected while entertaining.
  • Fixed You no longer stop clapping when you change your clothing while listening or watching an entertainer.
  • Fixed Battle Fatigue will no longer heal outdoors without a camp.
  • Fixed Entertainer wound/battle fatigue healing now works in the Dathomir Science Outpost Tavern.
  • Fixed You now properly stop viewing an entertainer when going out of range.
  • Fixed Range check to /startWatch and /startListen (40m & same building).
  • Fixed You can now /stopWatch and /stopListen without targeting the entertainer.
  • Fixed Some entertainer system messages.

  • Updated /threatenshot: animal flee now.
  • Added Marksman: /aim, /takecover, /kipupshot, /diveshot /rollshot.

  • Fixed Camp EXP.

  • Fixed Character names can now have apostrophes (Human and Twi'lek).
  • Fixed Moncals can now have hyphens in their names.
  • Fixed some skill surrender issues
  • Added Special skill mods.
  • Updated Tumble skills.
  • Objects and Equipment
  • Fixed Flame Thrower, Acid Rifle , Lightning Cannon.
  • Fixed Weapon damage types.
  • Added Commando Heavy Weapons.
  • Fixed Heavy Weapon EXP bug.
  • Fixed Starter weapon certifications.
  • Added BlueFrogs to Coronet Cantina and Starport
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