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Originally Posted by emperoranubis View Post question is how exactly is clone camping happening? The only way I can think of it happening is with people who are overt, though I thought that after death you ended up reverting to covert (while I believe this should in fact be on leave, I can't 100% be sure that this was what it was pre-CU). If people aren't reverting from overt then I think that qualifies as a bug. Unless this has to do with people going back to the cloner and spamming people to enter a duel with them, in which case you could just ignore them (hopefully anyways).
Some players are stuck overt based on the faction bug and continue to be overt even after death. Some jedi continue to have TEF when cloned because they do not have time to unequip their sabers. These are bugs but ones we do not have time to fix in the code at the moment. It is turning into a form of griefing that will be fixed once OR rolls out. Hence, for now there is a temporary injunction of no camping the cloners.

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