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Originally Posted by Ekowraith View Post
Gratitude where gratitude is due, but this update seemed like a restatement of the TC:Nova & forum rules. Is news about OR development totally absent because it's above our level of understanding, or because not much progress is being made?
It is both.

The TC Rules seem need repeating at this time along with Forum and IRC rules. There have been quite a few incidents lately and players claiming to not have read them before jumping in. Everything from naming issues, to cursing out GMs, to general ass-hattery performed to see how far a player can push things. So, hint hint to those out them.

Also, the OR revision has slowed down over the last week due to the holidays and several staffers dealing with finals, moving, completing projects for school, family, increased RL work, etc. Additionally, there are not quantifiable milestones pertaining to code at this time. Many of us would look for "fixed saberblock" as something we could relate to as far as code progress goes. It is my understanding, which might be incomplete, that at this point, they would have to translate what they are doing from a language most of us do not speak (i.e. ManagedObjectImplementation::initialize...); that the work is on sections of code that underlay the actual profession implementation code and not specifically something that the average forum user can relate to. Quite honestly, I am no coder and I don't understand enough to be able to write up a cohesive report on what has happened without help. Rather than speak to what a ManagedObjectImplementation is, it is something I am leaving the Devs to speak to. Anyone who does want to ask specifics about code will have to wait for our next DevChat. I would look for more round table discussions after the new year.

There has been further discussion and development on the administrative side of the NPO but nothing definite to report at this time. Many things are still in drafts. Any statements on the progress of the NPO incorporation would be speculative at this point.

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