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Originally Posted by Tow'lin View Post
I use Opera Unite and I must say, it is a very neat thing. The media player would be practical for the emu radio. The only requirement is that the DJ has to have opera open and unite on for it to work. The media player plays music in a playlist style, the only issue is you can see the whole playlist and play any song you want. Check it out Also, the part is it doesnt cost you one dime.

Gonna go ahead and agree with ya here bud...Ive been spending the last few weeks getting familiar with Unite and am thoroughly enjoying Opera's newest addition. Hit me up-> for my fellow opera community members. Here is the link to my Unite home page as well.

The playlist style does kind of hinder the actual "DJ" aspect I for the bandwith concern Ek, perhaps a field test amongst the #emuradio crew might be in order, that is if your not already 3 steps ahead of me ...
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BTW Pepper ur an idiot.

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