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Originally Posted by Aango Fett View Post
I wish people would stop complaining about the frogs, it's pointless to test at this point without them. What is the point of grinding a character from the ground up, and then just having it wiped and removed because it's expendable.

There is a reason it's called "testing". This isn't a live server, and won't be for awhile.
While I agree on principle with you, there is another side to this: I have had people refuse to teach me skills with the words "shut up and use the frog" -> testing teaching is impossible at this point because people are just too stupid.
In my experience the blue frogs lead to "create char", "hump blue frog for master *insert favourite template*", "load up on blue frog equipment, buffs and whatever food its got" and beat the crap out of the guy standing next to you who just did the very same thing.
Sure, pvp gets thoroughly tested this way (although I have my doubts wether this really generates useful bugreports or just whine posts when *favourite template* fails) and maybe thats exactly what the devs want/need at this point. My impression wasn't that thats the current focus, but I could be mistaken.
I know there are people who use the blue frogs for real testing, but I believe those people wouldn't mind regrinding their toon after the wipe. If you want to shorten the grind just increase the xp gain on the server by factor 10 (that worked fine the last times that was done and I was given to understand that is very little work).
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