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[6:34pm]Q-Reverb:Since some people as you state can't use the LPE why not implement a client side patch and release it also in a .EXE format installer that will patch the SWGEMU client folder. So that all users who can't use the launcher can still get the necessary patch. I would say that 90% of the community would rather deal with more testing with a client side checksum patch that would deal with the anti cheat then having to deal with this serve
[6:34pm]Q-Reverb:And touching on that part I know a guy willing to do all this for you guys.
[6:37pm]Q-Reverb:Then 2nd. Since this is such a obvious strong statement on all users. Why not make the server be ZERO tolerance for hackers. If caught beyond a reasonable doubt that they will be banned. No questions no appeals. This is the only way I have ever seen a private server run properly that has been of any success.
[6:39pm]Max:its hard
[6:39pm]Max:its a real debate, and one i don't have a simple answer for
[6:39pm]Q-Reverb:No problem
[6:40pm]Max:we don't want to alienate anyone from the program
[6:40pm]Q-Reverb:Sometimes its better to do so as a whole for the community to run smoother.
[6:40pm]Q-Reverb:Punish the few to better the experience for the masses
[6:40pm]Q-Reverb:If the people are truly interested in the project they will eventually stop hacking.
[6:41pm]Q-Reverb:after 2-3 bans a hacker will become a little less likely to try
[6:41pm]Max:thats the thing though
[6:42pm]Max:the people who are hacking aren't interested in the project
[6:42pm]Max:they want to have fun and stuff around
[6:42pm]Q-Reverb:more reason to be rid of them.
[6:42pm]Q-Reverb:hence the zero tolerance
[6:43pm]Q-Reverb:im blunt sorry
[6:43pm]Max:no problem
[6:43pm]Max:its a really really hard question / topic
^^ this. While i would be against perma bans with no warning on a live server. This is a test server anyone who is hacking a test server needs to be banned then when SC hits then can play there since they don't want to test. I think you guys need to make hacking perma, add an appeal section to the forums, and post it on LPE so everyone knows it's a insta perma ban.

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