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I have been doing comparisons with friends that play in different regions with different net speeds and wondered if the resources of a persons PC affected how bad they rubber banded.

For example, I run on Vista 64 with a dual core 3.2 and 4g of ram and an nvidia 8800gts 512mb. On 16mbps cable out of Detroit. ( server is physically in chicago right? ) I have basically every option on max full screen and I average 80-85% bounce back for movement forward.

My friends typically are on machines about 20% behind mine on cable half as fast and they get next to no rubber banding.

I play my crafter on my laptop as well and sufffer maybe half the rubber banding. Winxp 2gb ram, 512mb radeon x1250.

Just thought I would throw that out there if folks wanted to speculate % to machine power.