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Originally Posted by Darkwing View Post
I seem to recall that SOE ran chat on a seperate server (I remember it being down a few times, you could still play, just not chat).
Maybe running chat seperate could help a bit with the problem?
It might also lower lag in general.
Ofcourse it would require a seperate server for it, so it may not be possible at the moment.
That is a great idea actually.

The only problem as Max has stated, is that there is just a lack of resources to do so.

From what I got, TheAnswer is working on the Anti-Speed Hack. But he's also the OR Head.

Plus, actual servers are very expensive unless they had their own... I think they're buying their servers from a server farm right now...

These are the problems of a project that's not being backed by corperate money.

I'm sure they'll get a happy medium soon. I have faith in our developers.