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I think the the calculations used to decide if someone is going to fast needs to be rethought. Do the packets contain a timestamp? If so, you could calculate the maximum expected movement distance, given their stats / mounts within the time between the current and previous (or x-th back in the history if you want to skip some) packet. Of course that may be what you're already doing and your estimated travel distance per time unit is too low.

Also, I personally recommend commenting out the section that causes rubber banding and change it to first logging the suspicious activity (including the amount of discrepancy) and second alerting (via chat) the user that the server has detected them going faster than they should. That should let you fine tune your calculations without ruining the playability of the game. It also should allow you to see the cheaters and ban them, just because they can't speed hack doesn't mean they won't just do something else.

As is currently I cannot grab 2 missions from the terminal and always complete them both. It simply takes to long to run. And I've nearly died several times from mobs bigger than I that I cannot run away from.

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