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The entire SWGEmu Team would like to thank Shotter, Probationary Event Coordinator, for his work and dedication to the TC: Nova Community. He designed and hosted a multitude of excellent, engaging events and worked diligently to make TC: Nova a fun environment while development focused on the Object Restructure. We hope to see his events on TC again in the future.

On August 23rd, 2010, Shotter was prematurely removed from the SWGEmu Team due to a number of unresolvable conflicts with policies and following proper teamwork protocol. Mistakes were made by both parties which ultimately led to more mistakes. Emotions ran high and information was posted that should not have been released to the public. Hence, we would like to apologize to Shotter specifically, along with the entire SWGEmu Community, for the poor handling of the situation.

Moving forward, the SWGEmu Team is currently re-evaluating a number of our staffing procedures so we can continue working toward our goal of becoming a more professional team.

-The SWGEmu Team

Kyle (previously mustangcoupe69)
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