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Originally Posted by TAfirehawk View Post
As far as I know right now and it isn't complete or fully tested yet, only your name, password and email will transfer. You bring up a good point that maybe we should look into transfering the registration dates as well, but I don't know what is possible or practical.
Thanks. I like being reminded of how long you guys have been dangling this carrot in front of my face

Those things are considered spam on the SWGEmu services. At the same time it is not our intention to exclude those helpful people from doing just that, helping development. I really don't think that the honest and helpful people will have any fear of being banned.
I would agree that they are considered spam in the sense that is a "needless, noncontributing post;" however, I don't think someone bumping their thread for further discussion should be penalized the same as someone repeatedly making threads about the same topic. That is just my opinion though.

I will agree that the spam and trolling infraction lengths are not making the most sense right now. We will review this and feel free to bring these concerns up to
Thank you sir. I'm glad to see a staff that takes into consideration its supporters concerns

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Originally Posted by Timbab View Post
Jedi was never a problem, ever, the only problem was the population
Wait.... what?
Originally Posted by Xiox View Post
If you couldn't kill a fully templated jedi then you're a noob. Sorry but 1337 players could drop a jedi no problem, melee or ranged.
This is why we can't have nice conversations.