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Originally Posted by Union View Post
I've been trying for like 5 hours. Still can't get in. I love the game, but it's so frustrating trying to get in or being in the middle of something and getting booted with no warning (past 2-3 nights) and not being able to get back in.
Server is deadlocked at the moment, check on IRC #test channel for correct info, and it may be frustrating, but its a TC (test center) so its primary function is not our enjoyment. You will have to wait, like the rest of us. We are all in the same boat.

Originally Posted by katteni View Post
ok i dunno if this is a bug or what or wether its just part of the whole deadlock thing. But i have noticed some times that when i go to log on i get the connecting to log on server. give that say 10 mins or more while i read forums then if that does not work close that then try again. this time I get a back ground with a radial loading type screen. Here is where the difference seems to come in. If i can click back it usually means can get in but if i cant Eg its frozen tends to mean i have to ctr+alt+del to restart and try again. (note this is after letting the log on run for at least 10 mins - 1hour. not simply not logging on try again type situation). so not sure if it is a simple coding error or maybe just the deadlock situation.
That sound like client not server side, if game freezes before it even connects to server it cant be server side. If its that annoying try a full repair.
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